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I need 17.5 Million Dollars…

August 31, 2010

So that I can get this sweet deal for a particle accelerator and 7 Lamborghinis. Seriously folks, nothing sweetens the load quite like 7 Lambos. One thing is clear though, whoever gets this deal, has some sort of acceleration fetish.

Here’s a picture of the Particle accelerator:

So now you might be thinking, why get a particle accelerator? Well first off, apparently what this machine does is fire a bunch of accelerated electrons at the item, allowing for it to look at its insides. So it doesn’t seem like it’ll be the atom smasher everyone wants this Christmas, BUT… it does seem to be some sort of badass ex-ray machine. Here are a few reasons I came up with wanting the accelerator:

1. Be able to know what you got for Christmas without opening your gift.

2. You decide to get into the shipping industry

3. You want 7 Lamborghinis.

How awesome is that? Ok actually… If I could just have this, I’d be happy:

Thanks Gizmodo

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