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Sorry Blog, I Still Love You…

May 18, 2010

Dear Blog,

I know I have rejected you for a while recently, but I just finished up another semester. Finals are hell. Including the weeks leading up, it’s about a month of four hours of sleep, constant pressure of failure, and a generalized sense of doom. You look at your classmates and they have dark circles under their eyes and are mumbling to themselves something about the Kodak Test or how Scalia was put on earth to confuse people or how you can escape your student loans through the cold embrace of death.

Anyway, I have been done finals for a week, but after being locked indoors for about a month straight, I have done everything but be near my computer. I think it’s only right. Anyway, I stumbled upon this nice little bit on College Humor about sleeping habits during finals. Click through for the whole thing.

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