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Just Another Reason To Love Beck (As If You Needed Another)

March 26, 2010

So I’ve been following Beck’s Record Club for a while now. The basic idea is this, get a bunch of awesome musicians (people of the likes of Feist, MGMT, Wilco, Devendra Banhart, Nigel Godrich, etc.) together and then record covers of a thoroughly awesome album (Skip Spence, Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, INXS) in one day (and many times one take). It can be hit or miss, but either way it’s fun to watch. And when it’s good, it’s good. I put up a few of the ones I liked.

This one’s so goddamn funky, you gotta dance.

Nothing sounds better than a bunch of untuned instruments just going after a Velvet Underground song.

And really, it’s just fun seeing a bunch of artists trying to do the songs they’ve been listening to since high school.

They just started tackling INXS’ “Kick.” If the rest of the album is anything like this first track, it’s gonna be awesome.

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