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Celebrity Beards Are Totally Awesome

January 25, 2010

In honor of Manuary, I decided to compile some pictures of bearded celebrities. Beards are totally sweet, and while women may coo over a clean-cut leading man, most of those men are just dying to let their facial hair grow out. Here are some guys who are thought to be hot and le their beard flag fly when they’re not on the set. Click the pictures for a link to where I got them.

Brad Pitt’s a man’s man with this super sweet beard.

Johnny Depp tries on a goatee…

Heath Ledger all bearded up!

Even the effeminate Edward Cullen is rocking a beard now…

Even the Clooney grew a beard!

When beginning my research for this, I just started typing in celebrities names with the word beard. Pretty much every hot leading man you can think of has rocked a beard for some period of time. The list could go on forever. My point is that the beard is man’s natural state. It’s what every man would have if there wasn’t somebody nagging him to shave. Men should buck the social conventions that attempt to constrain them and throw away their razors, for we all know that this is what they really want.

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  1. Berg permalink*
    January 25, 2010 4:37 pm

    Bucking social conventions was fun in college, but I feel like there’s a big stigma about young men wearing beards being “unprofessional,” so I’m afraid to rock it now that I’m entering an appearance-obsessed profession.

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