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Too much Death, and most assuredly not by Awesomeness.

January 15, 2010

I know, the title makes it seem as if you can have just enough death, but please forgive me.

Ok so this blog was intended to bring you funny things we three find on the internet. Lately the news has been flooded with pictures/videos of the disaster in Haiti, and it would be nowhere near appropriate to post them here. Or maybe it would, I don’t know. But anyway heres a link to the Red Cross site to donate to disaster relief in Haiti.


Did anyone see that clip of pat robertson claiming this was god punishing haiti for making a pact with the devil to kick out the french? First, its not that hard to kick out ze french, i think most nations have done this with little to no effort. Only minimal prayer to god is required. Second, way to be a christian. If hell exists, I hope there is a special place for you right next to Hitler and the guy who invented kidney stones. I second Berg’s notion that religion doesn’t need to be mocked, it’s doing a pretty good job of mocking itself now.

I would post the video but I don’t really feel like looking for it.

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