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Lady Gaga + The Illuminati = Awesomeness?

January 13, 2010

So apparently the tin-foil hat people have a Lady Gaga fixation as well. They seem to think that she is part of the Illuminati.  LA Weekly has assembled a “Top Ten” list of why conspiracy theorists think she’s part of this secret society.

Some of my favorites include:

“Gaga’ is probably the easiest word to say in the English language, as it is often the first sound emitted by babies trying to imitate speech. So her name basically says: I’m a lady and I’m empty-headed. This empty head can filled with any crap you want. Imitate me young people. This state of mind is achieved after successful mind control.”

“In the “Paparazzi” video “she is wearing Mickey Mouse clothes, hinting once again [at CIA mind-control project] Monarch programming. She is behaving in a very robotic way, as if her thoughts and actions were controlled by someone else. Gaga then proceeds to poison the guy and smiles very weirdly about it. The fact that she murdered her boyfriend refers to the level “Delta” of the Monarch project, which is also known as the “killer” programming. After carrying out her murderous mission, Lady Gaga is more popular than ever and reaps the rewards of being an Illuminati slave.”

“Lady Gaga’s name “is also said to be inspired by Queen’s song ‘Radio Gaga.’ The video of this song contains many scenes of the 1927 movie Metropolis. […] The motion picture tells the story of a woman from the working class that was chosen by the elite to give life to a robot, through a mix of science and Black magic. This robot becomes a sexy and alluring performer and is given the goal to corrupt the working class.”

I really recommend reading the entire article here.

My only question is, would Lady Gaga being part of the Illuminati make her more or less awesome?

via LA Weekly

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